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Rules & Regulations

 Charity Cup Registration and Tournament Procedures

Basketball Laws

• Each game will be played 4 on 4 half court.
• The game will start off by flipping a coin to see who gets the ball first.
• Only the captains can talk to the referee if there is a disagreement.
• Referees will be calling the fouls throughout the whole game.

• Teams can have up to 5 players (1 sub).
• Each team needs to have a minimum of 4 players or game will be forfeited

• Opposite team will get the ball at the start of the second half.
• After every out of bounds, shot made, or foul the ball will be checked up at the 3 point line.
• Games will be 20 minutes long.
• Each half is 10 minutes long.
• There will be a 5 minute break at halftime.
• Time will run continuously until the last 2 minutes of every half.
• Under 2 minutes the time will stop after every dead ball.
• Each team gets 2 timeouts throughout the whole game.
• Each team has a shot clock of 20 seconds.
• Free throws will be shot in the act of shooting in the last 2 minutes of every half.
• 2 intentional fouls in the last minute of the 2nd half forces the other team to shoot 2 free throws.
• Player shoots 2 free throws and then the other team gets ball.
• If players foul a person without going for the ball it will be a flagrant foul.
• 2 flagrant fouls and player will be kicked out of the game.
• Technical fouls will be given to players if they talk back to referees inappropriately.
• 2 technical fouls and then player will be kicked out of game.
• If the person receives a 3rd technical or flagrant foul throughout the day then that person will be suspended for 1 game.
• Every technical after the 2nd leads to a automatic 1 game suspension.
• If teams are tied after regulation they will go into 5 minute overtime.
• A coin will be flipped to see who gets the ball first in overtime.
• Each team gets 1 timeout in the overtime.
• First 3 minutes run continuously and last 2 minutes stop on every dead ball.
• Every team must take the ball back past the 3 point line after a change possession (one foot behind the 3 point line).