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Rules & Regulations

 Charity Cup Registration and Tournament Procedures



Team Requirements
- all tournaments
1. Each team must have the minimum amount of players necessary on their roster and be registered as a team by the predetermined entry deadline. Additions and/or changes on rosters will not be permitted under any circumstance after the entry deadline. Changes to rosters can only be made online.
2. Identification for each player (e.g. birth certificate, drivers license, other photo ID, etc.) is required at on-site registration to verify information provided on the original team roster, ID bracelets for players would be issued at that time. The ID bracelet must be worn at all times to participate in the tournament. Players must be prepared to show identification throughout the tournament.
3. If a player's personal information listed on the team application is inaccurate (e.g. age, name), the player will be eliminated from participation in the tournament. Discovery at any time after registration of the player in question may also result in elimination of the whole team from further competition.
4. Teams must wear proper soccer uniforms with a distinctive color
5. Be accurate!!! - Player's information will be checked at on-site registration. Providing false/inaccurate information will disqualify your team.

Article 2 - Team Conduct - all tournaments
1. The organizers have the final word in matters of the tournament's organization and implementation.
2. The officiating referees have the final word pertaining to any matters concerning the games themselves.
3. Any conduct unbecoming to the positive focus of Charity Cup tournaments, especially profane language, unnecessary roughness, non-conformity to the authority of the referees, and any general unsportsmanlike behavior, will not he tolerated in any measure and may be dealt with as is seen fit by the organizers. The organizers reserve the right to take any actions to ensure that this tournament will not be hindered by disciplinary problems.

Team Refunds - all tournaments

30+ days before event 100% refund
29 days or less before event No refund
Canceled event due to adverse weather conditions Max. 25% of registration fee
Rescheduled event due to adverse weather conditions No refund