Honduras Mission Trip: Our First Few Days

Sunday was our first day in Siguatepeque. We attended Gabi's church (btw, she is simply amazing!) and fellowshipped with our brothers and sisters in Christ there. We had the children's program, which is led by our dear friend, whom I met in El Salvador a few years back and serves as a youth pastor with his wife in Ecuador. He has been leading our children's ministry for the past four years. We had a totally anointed time as we worshipped with the kids and prayed for them. We also had an opportunity to pray for the Sunday school teachers. Sunday afternoon we had a children's program in the mountains at a church. It was a beautiful time as we prayed with the children and adults. God spoke directly to some people and many felt the Holy Spirit move that afternoon. Monday we started off the day leading our first purity program at a Christian school at Gabi's church. It was quite the challenge to break through to the group of girls that we had, but we ended the session with an awesome time of prayer and Q&A. Olga and I spoke on True Beauty and Sexual Integrity. We were blown away by the questions the girls were asking. We continued the day visiting and distributing care packages of food to families. One of the families we visited was Doña Blanca. She is an elderly woman who has sole custody of her 4 year old and 10 year old grandsons. We began building her a kitchen in December when Clem came. She told us that just a few days ago, two men kidnapped the 4 year from the front yard and tried to rape him. She found them down the street while the men pulled down his pants and chased them away. Can you imagine the trauma this 4 year old is experiencing? Sadly, this is an everyday occurrence here. Unfortunately, in the states as well. Our home visits were such a beautiful time as we spent a significant amount of time with each family praying for them, encouraging them and just hanging out with them. It felt like we were part of their family! We ended our night with a bang as we partied late into the night (9 pm is considered late into the night right? 😜) celebrating Liviu's birthday at a restaurant (friends of Gabi) that was reserved just for us. Our celebration ended in a total radical time of prayer as we prayed for the store owners and their family. The Lord had answered their prayers by sending us there that night. They told us how they had been threatened a few days ago and that their other restaurant got robbed recently as well, so they closed down the restaurants for a while. They said they have been praying for God to send them some angels to encourage them and pray for them. Well, lo and behold, there we were. God sent us there in just the right time. It was so awesome to hear and see how beautifully He orchestrated our visit there. This morning we had our second purity program session at a Christian bilingual school. Let me tell you... It was off the hook! Gabi, Olga and I team taught and answered some pretty intense questions about sex, love, relationships, and self image. It was so evident that these girls were so hungry for truth. One girl was in tears and left the room. She came back once we had finished and sat one on one with us expressing what was in her heart. Another girl came in the room after her as we were getting ready to leave in tears wanting to talk to us. We stayed an hour over our scheduled time. These girls experience the unimaginable and are in so much pain. They are confused about sex and are already engaging in some sort of sexual activity at an extremely young age. It was an awesome time, but incredibly exhausting emotionally. We ended our day delivering more care packages to two families. One of the families we delivered to was on our way out of the city on our way to Tela. When we showed up with the food she saturated crying and told us that she had been praying that God would provide food for her and her two daughters. She has not been able to work because of a knee problem and he husband had abandoned them a month ago. Some pretty awesome things happened during our time with her as she shared her prayers with us and how God was using our team to answer them. Olga and I went to the van to give her 6 year old daughter some clothes. We didn't know what we had left. Everything we pulled out of the suitcase fit her perfectly. And the only pair of shoes we had were her exact size! Let's just say that her and our entire team were in tears. We left that house in awe of how God is working. After about a 3 hour car ride, we arrived to Tela tonight where we will be for the rest of the week. Please pray for us as we have a total of 8 purity sessions, a children's carnival at the local church, and various children's programs scheduled. We also hope to meet with some local pastors while here in Tela. We were already feeling the weight of exhaustion today from lack of sleep and as a few of have been experiencing flu like symptoms and other 'sickness' associating with traveling to a foreign country, not to mention the endless amounts of mosquito and unknown insect bites! There are only 9 of us this year but our team is dynamic, passionate and serving as ever! Let's just say that there isn't ever a dull moment. Please pray for each one of us as we start Part 2 tomorrow of this missions trip. Thank you to all of you who have been praying and who have supported this trip financially!! We love you! Love, Charity Cup Honduras Team