Girls of God
Update from Moldova 2
July 30, 2008
Hi team,
  With the Lord's grace we crossed the border safely back into Romania and each went to their destination. Many will be traveling back to the states within the next few days to few weeks.
         I've been contemplating the last two weeks that went by so quickly. Each day was filled from waking until bedtime. When we started the week and surveyed our resources and abilities to accomplish all that was in plan, the sentiment (at least for the medical team) was that it was beyond our human abilities. This was the reality of the situation and I know this was certainly for me . In my devotional time I read out of John 6 of Christ's feeding the 5000 thousand. What I remarked was that the crowds and the disciples had ENOUGH to eat and there were baskets that were gathered with the pieces that were left. Our prayer became this, Lord take all we  have and give us enough spiritual strength, enough resources, enough physical health and energy,  enough emotional tenacity and even enough medicine for our patients. Looking back, the Lord provided enough and ABOVE what we asked.
       The Lord provided spiritual strength and leading. The medical team left with prayer and closed the working day in prayer. The days were exhausting as not only did we provide a medical consultations and social visits, each person heard the gospel and was given a chance to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. Each day we woke up and were filled to be able to have and encouragement for those visited.  
     The Lord provided enough resources, including medication. Some of those visited had many needs, the Lord provided enough for us to provide for them.We gave out carepacks to those visited, which were a powerful evangelism tool.There was an stern 80-yr old man, that listened to the team's message with little response. He had had a hard life, was currently living alone and in great financial need. However when we gave him the carepack he started tearing, and didn't know how to thank them for such a gift. We even had sufficient medication and even remaining. We had transportation despite challenges along the way. Daily all five teams were able to go on home visits.
    The Lord provided enough physical energy and health. As the week progressed, we became tired, some of us experienced the flu and typical Moldova stomach disturbances . Despite this, we were given physical strength for each day and restoration.
     The Lord provided enough emotional tenacity. Each day the team saw difficult cases.An example was the recovering 30 year old mother who had been assaulted by her husband with several axe blows to her head. She is recovering from surgery and taking care of her 3 children. The team provided encouragement, and helped her with house chored like chopping wood. During the week she even came to one of the church services.
    The Lord provided even above what we asked. He miraculously healed some of  those with  whom we came in contact. For example, a middle aged woman came to the carnival for general health teaching and consultation. She had been to many doctors and tried various meds for her migraines with little relief. She was filled with desperation and was open to prayer. One of our doctors prayed for her and her migraine was relieved in that moment. Those around her were astonished and were were eager for prayer as well.
   I am grateful for your prayers, you were and are an essential part of this mission outreach. We look forward to next year and the great plans that God has for us. Continue to pray for the people of Ungheni, for the Pastor Gheorghe and his wife Natasha. Pray that the Lord will give us the necessary approval from the authorities to do even greater works. I miss you all and look forward to seeing you.
 Many blessings,