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Happy New Year
December 31, 2007
            It is the last day of the year 2007…the last couple of hours actually…the last stretch. As the New Year approaches, and the past year remains behind, many people strive to look ahead, to tackle the New Year resolutions that they have set for themselves. According to about.com, the top resolutions include spending more time with family and friends, losing weight, exercise more, enjoying life more, getting out of debt, and helping others.
            As beneficial and inspiring as it is to look forward, it is usually a good idea to look backward…just for a minute. To see what has been accomplished in the past year, and perhaps even what wasn’t so that mistakes can be learned from. As you look back, look back a little closer. Do you see Dimitri sitting on the face, his eyes a pool of tears, not wanting us to leave his little village in Moldova? Do you see the old couple standing in sadness in the doorway, knowing that they will rarely be visited for the next year? Do you see the little Honduran children waving goodbye as the bus pulls out for the last time? Or how about the young man with eyes gleaming and thankful for the new dentures he received, so that now he can actually smile? So many memories are bittersweet, full of the joy of the moment, but also with the knowledge that we will never encounter it again.
            And that is why we look forward. We take the joy of the memories, the thankfulness of the people, and tuck them inside of ourselves, inside of our hearts and minds. And we not only look forward, we continue forward. By serving, helping, and most of all, LOVING those people that are not only across the world from us, but even those that are across the street from us.
May God bless you all, and on behalf of Charity Cup,