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Virtual Moldova Update: Girls of God
July 19, 2007
(reported 7-17-2007 by Raluca Farcas)

Just a quick report from GOGMO:

Our girls arrived yesterday...we had a good 2 days of training where we prepared the leaders for what was to come.  We are all doing great...PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!

Today was our first day of the actual daily routine...and it all went well.  Thank you to all of those people back home that prayed for our ARTS AND CRAFT luggage to arrive...it finally did today.

Please pray for the guys...(Filu, Cat, and Adi) who are not feeling so well.:(

Please continue to pray for the girls...and their openess to the gospel and our cultural differences.  May the Lord bridge the gap!!

(reported 7-18-2007 by Raluca Farcas)

Coming to you all live...from the heartland of Calarasi...:)...where the cows are mooing...the grass is green...and the air is very humid and sticky....aha....MOldova...my place to be!!!:)

Thank you girls for your prayers and support!!  This year is so incredibly different...i never thought!  Majority of the leaders are from Moldova...and they sleep with the girls in the cabins, they do everything with the girls.  It's a completely different atmosphere than in previous years.

We're running into a lot of culture differences...so please continue to pray for us..leaders, and for the girls to be open.

(reported 7-19- 2007 by Raluca Farcas)

will breifly try to answer some of your questions....

Lessons...they are going great! We present them at the morning chapel, and then we split up into groups and we discuss them.  We are studying the book of James.

ARTS & CRAFT...we finally got the luggage (linda sent..thanks)..:)...Praise the Lord!  We also had George P.'s cousin...Cristina from Cali come and do scrap booking with the girls...they loved it so much!

Activities...we have drama, swimming, arts and crafts, games, and sports...the girls love the freedom...but are still complaining due to the heat..it's really hot this year (38-40 C).

We have some of the same girls that have been coming in previous years, and they are all involved with lessons.

I gotta...run and blow the whistle [to call the girls to gather]...  :)