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why we pray. why i ask you to pray with me.
July 11, 2007
...only one of them walk away rich in divine blessing...
Those rich in religion, those rich in years of life left to live, and one rich in finances meet Jesus in Matthew 19, Mark 10 and Luke 18. All writers describe this fantastic sequence of events as first the Pharises, then the kids, and then a rich, young ruler interact with the Master...

The disciples might have reveled too much in the presence of the Pharises, the religious heavyweights, that came to ask about divorce and the interpretation of the Law of Moses on such 'mature' matters. Or they might have keenly anticipated the moment when that rich, young, ruler and his cohort would impressively come to ask Jesus about the Kingdom of Heaven, because they were edgy when the 'little people' all of a sudden approached the master. When the countless, faceless, nameless group of insignificant adults brought a group of kids to Jesus so that He may bless them, as if to keep Jesus on track with the weightier issues that pressed on society the disciples dared to push away these anonymous caretakers, disappointing Jesus who chastised them immediately and publicly.  In their minds, who had time to deal with kids? Why would the master spend His energy on such petty matters as blessing and holding those not fully grown yet? Adults that wrestled with the Law and with doing good deeds went to heaven. Kids were insignificant and ignorant of such matters, barely able to experience this world, much less the one to come. Why bother with them? Yet we learn from the Great Teacher that "...the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these!" and we must realign our thinking.

Charity Cup volunteers are going to the Republic of Moldova between the 12th to the 26th of July to deal with those as were precious to Jesus while he was here on Earth, the children. Unlike in the years past, this year I sit on the sidelines watching the team from the US take off for this trip (i will join them for the last few days though), and wishing myself among them. Its a group  of countless, faceless, and nameless young people that have the notion that bringing people to Jesus who alone can hold and bless them is the highest calling in life (adults too that accept the Kingdom as little Children would). Its the adventure worth taking, the high road to fulfillment. The sacrifice that yields eternal rewards. But even more than that its the only way some will ever reach the arms of their loving Creator. The Gospel must be taken to the people in need. Lives must be saved from eternal damnation!

I recently received a few emails about two friends of mine that got married some 8 yrs ago and now face divorce. Both grew in the church. Both now blame the other and see no solution but the divorce. Their three kids will suffer all the while as these two adults face and make 'mature' decisions as a result of sin...

A few days ago a cousin of mine who was given all he ever wanted by his parents while growing up in a suburban lifestyle, and got involved with drugs, came over and wanted to stay here in California to 'detoxify.' As his body went through the drug withdrawals we found ourselves looking at an 18yr old zombie with blackened and sunken eyes, that almost died while we watched him struggle due to dehydration from his continuous vomiting. We prayed, took him to the hospital where he is currently at, and have a strong desire to see the hand of God work salvation in Him...

Given a choice i would much rather not know about these issues and be among those who bring kids to Jesus in Moldova this summer. But I am not there, so I must work from here. As I pray for that couple in the midst of divorce, my young cousin, and the charity cup missionaries that are connecting 'kids' with Jesus, will you join me?

Lets be that countless, faceless, nameless group whose efforts avail much in the spiritual economy of our Lord.
Fulfilling this calling we will get no visible credit, but those that He touches as a result of our 'bringing' will get a new trajectory in life.

Who will you bring in prayer to Jesus today?

                                                                                                                                                                            - George Puraci