Men of Valor Camp
February 1, 2007

Men of Valor Camp: January 2007.


There were 19 men at the first MOV leadership meeting this year that took place in at Quaker Meadow in the Sequoia Mts. Three guys drove in from Phoenix, Arizona, two flew in from Portland Oregon, a brave soul flew from Houston Texas, and 13 of us from Southern California. Though we belong to 11 churches we had the ability to come together for one specific purpose, that of glorifying God by deciding to venture with Him, by faith, into the unknown territory that lies ahead.


The vision of our group is:

Venturing with God into the unknown.


The weekend had three seminars as follows:


1.      Teo Sfatcu and Cat Iuga presented the scope and purpose of the organization, asking for input and allowing comments to be made and addressed.


2.      Josh Cosa presented the summer boys camp activities while Toe went through a ‘dry run’ of a typical day at that camp. Input from the team followed and many bright ideas were noted during this brainstorming session.


3.      George Puraci went through Ecclesiastes 11 as a motivation to ‘get to work’ with the young men that God has placed in our lives while we can, where we can, as these days are given for that purpose. The team then discussed particulars about what a small group bible study group is, what it can become, and some of the hardships that might arise. Those that have had such a group gave ideas and suggestions on how to best lead such a group.


What we all agreed on:


1.     All leaders should start (or continue) a small bible study group for young men that should meet regularly for fellowship, bible study, and prayer. These groups would comprise the bulk of the guys that are brought to camp this summer.


2.   MOV leadership meeting like this one once every year.


3.   Summer camp for some 150-200 young men (rages 13-18) to be held at Quaker Meadows Aug. 9-13, 2007. Theme: Armor of God. Games, activities, competitions and lessons will focus on mentoring the young men and teaching then via relevant means the importance of putting on the whole armor of God and fighting the good fight while on Earth. We will fundraise and brainstorm till then to invest the best we have in the boys that come.


The weekend ended Sunday morning with a small ‘church’ service of a couple songs and varied prayers. We thanked God for all He is, what He does, and asked for protection for the road ahead; both immediate (as it snowed some 6 inches overnight), and long term as we don’t know what lies ahead. The venture into the unknown began…


You’re more than welcomed to join us if you would. We are looking for male leaders who wish to mentor younger boys to become Men of Valor. For more information, contact George Puraci at .