Church Planting
Tirnova - A Village in Moldova
September 20, 2006
Five years ago, Tirnova was known for being one of the most dangerous villages in Moldova. In fact, it was known for having the highest rate of drug trafficking of any village in its vicinity. However, since the beginning of time, God decided that He loved Tirnova and He looked past the deeds of the people and fell in love with their souls, the souls that He had breathed life into. He decided that Tirnova would change.

So, in the summer of 2003, God directed the footsteps of Charity Cup to Tirnova. A team of approximately 80 people showed up on the doorsteps of the village, ready to pour out God’s love in a tangible manner so these people would be able what perhaps they had never felt in their entire life.

Upon entering the village, the Charity Cup team could see that the needs were immense, both physically and spiritually. Because of the lack of iodine in the water supply, many of the locals suffered from thyroid cancer. Various disease, including heart and other illnesses, could be reversed with proper care, but such did not exist in the seemingly forsaken village. Little children lacked the proper nutritional care that they so desperately needed.

Aside from the physical needs, Tirnova was a village oppressed by demonic forces. Many people practiced witchcraft or were involved in the spiritual world. According to a local missionary worker, approximately 90% of all the males in the villages could be considered drunks and spend vast amounts of money on cheap alcohol and beer.

So, armed with this information, the team members prepared themselves for a tough battle ahead.

The Charity Cup team helped start a church before departing from Tirnova. Argentin,a native of Taul, a near by village, assisting in the planting of the chuch, and in the spring of 2004, 11 people from Tirnova dedicated their lives to Christ and were baptized as a living testimony to every single drug addict, drunk, and immoral person in Tirnova. During that time, the church was comprised of approximately 50 members, but the number tends to fluctuate greatly, says the local pastor. He also explains that for new converts, it is very difficult to remain in the church due to the persecution they received. Some of them even fell away from the faith.

To Be Continued….