Church Planting
Village Camp Update
July 26, 2006
This update camp from ground zero, aka the Village Camp which was held in Donduseni. The update is given by one of the camp participants, Alina.

I praise the Lord for His love that He has showed us and how wonderful His plan worked. I am also very thankful for those of you who prayed for us.

Our day we starts off with prayer and worship then we get ready to teach the kids the lesson of the day. At 11:30 the kids learn songs that I know they love (because they sing them all day long:-) , I know they also loved the dramas, which are performed by the Pantomima group. I am amazed to see the smiles on their faces while the Lord is planting the seeds in their small hearts. After this each of us have Group Time where we talk more about the stories and how God works. At 3:30 we have play time with all the kids and at 7:30 we have chapel for both the children and the adults.
I hope and pray that the word that was planted in those hearts will grow and God will get the glory and honor from all of us.
Thank you again for the prayers and may God be blessed through all of us.