Girls of God
Girls of God Camp Update
July 21, 2006
This update comes from ground zero, aka the Girls of God camp in Calarasi, Moldova. Updates are given, compliments of Ralu, one of the camp administrative leadership!

We are doing great!  Yesterday was a harder day..we started our actual day schedule, it will take the girls a couple days to get into the schedule...however everything went smoothly...(Praise God!).  We have a wonderful team of coordinators...followed by leaders...and this year we\'ve included cabin leaders on our team.  The dynamic\'s of our team is phoenminal.  Our goal is to disciple these girls from Moldova to one day coordinate this camp on their own.

As I\'m writing this I realize how many people have come through this camp; some to observe, others to serve, and yet others have been the back bone of this project.  Whatever class you find yourself in, you too have made a difference in the life of these girls...make no mistake about that.