Impact Theatre - Live from Chicago
May 13, 2006
Greetings from Chicago!

Blistery cold days here in the Windy City, a sharp contrast to the warmer parts of the West. One city lights up the night by lighting up the stage this weekend, while the other refreshes their locals with sun and Softball.

It\'s past 3:00 am here in Chicago, but I could not sleep, and though they say turning on the lights does not have a reversing effect on insomnia, I couldn\'t stay in the dark or keep you guys in the dark about the great event called Impact Theatre that just took place here.

Being the first one of its kind, the Impact Theatre event could have been a gamble for Charity Cup.  But the Chicago team doesn\'t play games of chance. God planned in advance the works that this team would complete, and the team carried out the task faithfully. On the number of mission trip recruits or lives saved tonight, I could not speak, but of the solid foundation that has been poured of people understanding servanthood, I can say, what has been laid, is laid in Christ, the chief cornerstone.

Mike Barac and his team executed a seemingly flawless evening where the big picture of service came clearly into view, with little details like movie-ing centerpieces not being overlooked. Mike was like a director on a set, with the whole auditorium being the staged set-up for a show with a full-service cafe, white-clad round dinner tables for the audience to sit at, and the fully-functional stage of curtain, spotlights and sound. Though some of the elements of theater were expected, the shine wasn\'t expected to be so bright from the way in which the reels roolled. And the spots which shone the brightest were the volunteers. The servers, which are true servants, were so professional that, I think, a catering business would be a fruitful endeavor for the Chicago team!

Chicago, Impact Theatre is an event that seems to be suited to your spark!

This is defintely the busy season for Charity Cup, with the four cities in the States and the powerhouse of Iasi in RO all gearing up for the fulfillment of a Great coMission. And I doubt not that it\'s still simply the calm before the storm, the storm brewing up the before the end time battle.

Proud to be taking the world by storm with you all!