Upcoming East and West Coast Summits!
April 19, 2006
Are you ready? For a weekend full of fun? Of laughter? Of learning? Of bonding? Of friendships? Are you ready to be spiritually challenged to reach the mountaintops so that you can thrive when you are down in the valley? Then the West/East Coast Summit is the place for you!

So, grab your sleeping bag, your toiletries, your clothes, and of course your Bible, perhaps a few friends to share with the cost of gas, and head up to the mountains. The purpose of these two weekends is to equip and prepare participants for future mission trips, as well and to inform and update people in regards to the various projects of Charity Cup.

In the past, these two events have been very successful! Friday evening usually starts off on a more informal note, with registration and bedding arrangements taking place. As people straggle in from different West coast states, they are delighted to meet up friends, make new friends, and get situated for a weekend of fun and learning. Whether they stay up to socialize, or go to bed at a decent hour, the breakfast hour rings the same for all. Sometimes serenading music can be heard from different corners of the camp serving as a wake-up call to those who long to sleep in. After breakfast, there is usually worship followed by a short devotion, after which the messages are delved into. At lunchtime, people gather for the delicious food, as their appetites are ravenous due to the higher altitude. After lunch is usually an activity or free time, followed by more workshops into the evening, and perhaps an activity or two. Dinner is always delicious, and then there is more free time, where one can chose the activity of his or her choice.

Sunday morning arrives all to quickly. The weekend is wrapped up, goodbyes are said, clothes are repacked, and cars are dug out of the snow (ok, maybe not), and memories are taken with the people from yet another successful year of the Charity Cup East / West Coast Summits.

So what is keeping you from coming? Do you have any questions? Concerns? To register for either of these events, click on the Summit links on the top of the page. For further details or question, please contact Linda Ardelean for the West Coast Summit at  or Monicha Dereche for the East Coast Summit at

Don’t delay, sign up today!!