Tiny Tears...of Joy!
April 6, 2006
Remember that adorable little girl you met last week? The one that looks at you with pure eyes of love? God looks upon her with pure eyes of love, and continues to work miracles in her life.

Three weeks ago, Valerica was taken to a hospital in Chisinau, for a simple medical consultation. Through a series of events, she was taken to be evaluated by the best pediatric neurologist for kids with disabilities. This doctor has vast influence in the medical world of Moldova and Europe. When this doctor saw Valerica and heard about her case, she was deeply touched. Beside the influence she carries, her husband owns the best pediatric hospital in the Moldova. On the same day, Valerica was admitted into this hospital, free of charge. Here, she receives medical care, examines, and excellent conditions. God when so far in this miracle as to bring forth three French doctors from Paris which examined her and provided further consultation.

Currently, Valerica is in a rehabilitation center for children, where she is being treated for different illnesses, including malnutrition and bodily disablement. Valerica was in need of a rehabilitation program, of medical attention, and love. And God has provided all of these for her, and more! Now it is up to Him how He chooses to work. But at the same time, lets continue to pray for Valerica, that God would continue to work in her life.