Tiny Tears
March 29, 2006
Many times life is filled with questions and circumstances we cannot understand or fathom. Sometimes people cry out to God and for a time it seems that all is in vain, that the pleas fall upon deaf years. Until the light shines through, that is.

Somewhere in Moldova, in the village of Tirnova, to be more exact, lives a little girl by the name of Valerica. She is a young girl who was being raised by her father because her mother passed away when she was still very young. For a while her grandma helped care for her, until she too passed away. Many people have fallen in love with her, even though she cannot utter a word, other than the occasional grunt, due to the fact that she is paralyzed. However, when you look at her, when you interact with her, spend time with her, she draws you out. Looking into her eyes, you see pools of love and adoration, despite the hardships that she has gone through growing up. A simply hug, a teddy bear, or an unshaved face will bring squeals of delight and sunshine to her face.
Being pushed around in her wheelchair is another delight for Valerica because she is able to see the outside world, the creation that God is formed, specifically for her. Valerica is special, not because of her deformities, but because of how God created her, the pure love that He has poured into her. In Matthew, we are called by Jesus to “become like little children” (18:3b). Spend Just a day with Valerica and you will understand what He meant.

Stepping into the house where she lived was a great shock. Flies were everywhere due to the amounts of dirty dishes and rotten food there was lying around. One room was filled with dirty clothes just strewn about. On a nearby table laid a bottle of Vodka. The smell of the room was unbearable and unbelievable. Due to the condition in the home, Valerica was removed from her father by the authorities. Currently, she is in a hospital in Chisinau, where she is receiving care and involved in physical therapy. She slowly started to straighten her legs and her hands, which were unusable before. The doctors believe that she will never walk again, but with work and progress, she will be able to wheel herself around in a wheelchair.

Silence. Where we want words, answers, we find silence. “Be still, and know that I am God.” Valerica knows the meaning of being still….And now the sun is shining for her! Let’s continue to pray for Valerica, and for all the people in Tirnova that were impacted in the last couple of years during the summer mission trips.