Mission Trips
Moldova Live - Spending a Day at VBS
August 1, 2009
It was a hot summer day, and most people would have preferred to be inside a nice air-conditioned building, or perhaps sitting by the pool, working on their tan, and sipping an ice-cold lemonade. That’s what summer is all about, right?
    Well…not quite. Some people were ready to sacrifice part of their summer in order to give to a cause that will have eternal ramifications. A group of young men and women united together to work with over 300 children in Ungheni, sharing the Gospel with them through different mediums.
    Vacation Bible School, as this project is referred to, takes place in a community area known as the “Stadion”, which consists of a huge tent placed in an open field. As the leaders arrived on location, there were already children waiting for them, eager to begin the day. The van was unloaded and registration began as the 10 o’clock hour was nearing. Around ten, the children were called to attention and they started settling down. The leaders then took to the stage, leading the children in a couple of high-energy songs that got the children engaged. After a couple of songs, there was a drama presentation, which the children absolutely adored. Though it was presented in Russian and I didn’t understand anything, they did such a great job in acting out the story that I was able to follow along. Maybe I even picked up a word or two in Russian! ☺ After this, there was a puppet show onstage, which presented a real-life situation that taught a moral lesson. On this particular day, it was about stealing and lying.
    Next, the children were split up in their various groups and went to different activities. There were activities such as soccer, a jump house, slides, arts and crafts, coloring, board games, and many more. Every once in a while, the children would be rotated into a new activity. Though there were a few wanderers, most of the children appeared to enjoy this opportunity. Around noon, everyone went into the tent for food, which consisted of potatoes backed in bread, water and popcorn. The popcorn was a big hit. Lunchtime quickly passed and it was time for a couple more songs. The children appeared to thoroughly enjoy their time together, and the leaders appeared to have a reserve of unending energy. Around 1 o’clock, all the groups went outside, and it was time for the rely races. Forward, backward, jumping, skipping, and running were all incorporated into the battle for first place. You should have heard the yelling, the cheering, the excitement that accompanied the various stages of the races. In the end, there were two teams that were tied, therefore they needed to play tug-of-war to decided the winner. Unfortunately the rope used for this game was extremely unreliable and it broke within a couple seconds of pulling. Both teams were declared victors ☺.
    A major difference between VBS this year and in previous years is that Moldavians ran it. They have and are being empowered to become the next generation in their country, a generation that can bring forth a change and a hope for the future of Moldova. Though Ungheni may only be one location, change has to begin somewhere. It was very inspirational to see them not only taking charge, but doing an excellent job leading the children. Assistance should not come in the form of a hand-out, but rather a hand-up, climbing up to a higher level, together.