Breaking the Spell of feeling 'Always Winter, Never Christmas' with the T&E Shoe Project
January 11, 2006
Each year when December rolls around the world prepares itself for change.  With people, you can see it in their eyes-a far away look as if to say they're thinking of the future.  You can see it on their faces-a silly grin and a look of excitement. You can hear it in the way they talk-making New Year's resolutions and proposing to be better at this or be more diligent at that. Everyone waits in anticipation for something new, something fresh, something... different.

Nature also speaks of this change.  The snow hides all that is old, mysteriously turning and churning things underneath, only to reveal a new skin come springtime.  The trees strip themselves of last year's styles and shine their barks in preparation for new clothing.  Flowers relinquish their leaves and petals in wait for a new birth and fresh colors.

Yet this picture perfect scenario of rebirth has lost its power to reach all humanity. Its reach only goes so far. God asks His children to help do the rest. Since the Fall, we long for something more.

This Holiday season, for Christmas, New Years, and all that's in between, as children of the Most High we are challenged to break the spell that makes so many feel as "if it is always winter and never Christmas".

One of the ways Charity Cup has taken up the challenge is through the Timothy and Esther Shoe Project. The young adults of Timothy and Esther are getting ready for a new semester at school and are in great need of shoes, among other things.  To meet this need, people from around the country volunteered to provide shoes for these students.  People in California were quick to respond to the call; those in Chicago quickly followed suit. Arizonians were not far behind, and before you knew it, this need was taken care of.

In His own divine way, it looks like God once again reached down and gave many a reason to hope for change and a new beginning. We are grateful to be the instruments He uses.