Mission Trips
  July 7, 2010 Mission Tour 10 LIVE broadcast
For the first time, we will be broadcasting live from Moldova on Ustream. Check out times for each show.
  September 3, 2009 2010 Charity Cup National Soccer Tournament in Dallas
The stakes are higher this year... your win will count for more... The top 3 teams will advance to the National Tournament in 2010.
  August 1, 2009 Moldova Live - Spending a Day at VBS
A new generation of young people in Moldova are being empowered for change.
  July 31, 2009 Moldova Live - Changing Lives
A family from the Village of Ungheni receives not only temporary assistance, but hope to change the future.
  July 30, 2009 Moldova Live - Through the Eyes of Justine
What encourages a young woman to travel half way across the world to serve people under extreme circumstances?
  July 30, 2009 Moldova Live - A Girl Named Tamara
Sometimes the love of God is poured at through the most unexpected circumstances.
  January 22, 2009 Honduras Mission Trip
  July 19, 2008 Update from Moldova
  June 15, 2008 The Mark of Love
In the month of May, young people from different parts of the United States gathered together to serve in Mexico
  March 31, 2008 Honduras 2008
As the team is working diligently in Honduras, let's remember to keep them in prayer.
  August 31, 2007 Just A Glimpse
A short overview of the events that took place in Moldova on the Mission Trip.
  July 24, 2007 Moldova – Day Fourteen – 4:15 pm (July 24) Part 2
  July 24, 2007 Moldova – Day Fourteen – 12:20 pm (July 24) Part 1
  July 22, 2007 Moldova - Day Twelve - 10:00 am (July 22)
  July 22, 2007 Moldova - Day Six - 6:46 am (July 16)
  July 17, 2007 Moldova - Day Four - 6:45 pm (July 14)
  July 17, 2007 Moldova - Day Three - 7:05 am (July 13)
  July 17, 2007 Moldova - Day Two - 6:45 pm (July 12)
  July 14, 2007 Moldova - Day Two - Midnight (July 12)
  July 14, 2007 Moldova - Day One - 4:30 pm (July 11)
  June 26, 2007 Do You have Your Passport?
Even waiting for a passport can be a time to learn a lesson.
  April 3, 2007 Honduras Update - On US Soil Again
A brief update about the ministry that took place in Honduras.
  March 19, 2007 Stepping Out 2
One person's testimony of mission trips to Moldova.
  August 9, 2006 Thoughts from Mission Tour 6
“MT6 was not just good....it was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!”“All I have to say is...\
  July 16, 2006 Mission Tour 6 - Ground Zero
The mission trip in Moldova has officially begun. Stay tuned for updates from Moldova as people continue forth every day in service to our Lord. Don\'t forget to pray for them, as there will be some fierce spiritual battles as the trip unfolds.
  June 28, 2006 Summer Sun...But Where? Moldova 2006
So what do you usually do during the summer? Lounge at the poolside, working on that perfect tan? Perhaps slave away at a job, hoping to pay off your school loans? Maybe you hop in the car and head to the nearest beach, or your favorites lake. Maybe you j
  June 20, 2006 The Care Pack Project
Dreams. Some people dream of popularity, of success. Others dream of riches. Dreams. A life without dreams is a nightmare. A dream with no action becomes useless.What if you had no dreams, didn\'t dare to dream? Everywhere you look, a dull gray is a
  April 2, 2006 Honduras Update from Josh Cosa
May this letter find you in the grace and peace found through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.The Honduran Ground Crew arrived early Saturday Morning, April 1st. I am pleased to announce that every single person arrived safely. Thank you all for you
  March 28, 2006 Email from Josh Cosa - Honduras, here we come!!!
In just a few moments, a group of us will be leaving to Honduras where we believe our Lord has called us to minister to a people in desperate need of His saving grace found in Christ alone. The area where we will be working is typically dominated by vood