February 1, 2007 Men of Valor Camp
An overview of the Men of Valor Camp.
  June 2, 2006 Pictures from 2006 Impact Theater - Chicago
Check out Pictures from 2006 Impact Theater - Chicago (copy and paste the link below into your browser)
  May 13, 2006 Impact Theatre - Live from Chicago
Greetings from Chicago!Blistery cold days here in the Windy City, a sharp contrast to the warmer parts of the West. One city lights up the night by lighting up the stage this weekend, while the other refreshes their locals with sun and Softball.It
  April 12, 2006 IT Drama Event
A hush falls over the audience as the magnificent royal blue curtain is pulled to the side. The lights dim, and the music begin to play out ever so softly, gaining momentum with each passing second. The beating of the drums can be heard in the background,