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  January 13, 2008 Daniel Zafiris - Romanian Version
In urma cu un deceniu, Daniel Zafiris, atacantul echipei Petrolul Ploiesti, spunea brusc adio fotbalului.
  December 31, 2007 Happy New Year
May God be with you and yours throughout this New Year!
  July 19, 2007 Virtual Moldova Update: Girls of God
Virtual Moldova Update: Girls of God
  July 13, 2007 From one side of the pond to the other
Responses from the call to prayer for the Moldova Mission
  July 11, 2007 why we pray. why i ask you to pray with me.
why we pray. why i ask you to pray with me.
  April 26, 2007 A Precious Commodity
Would you like to step onto the mission field, but feel you are not qualified? Read on...
  March 14, 2007 Stepping Out
Read some testimonies of people that traveled to the Republic of Moldova last summer.
  December 23, 2006 It's Christmastime!
What is your mindset this holiday season?
  December 7, 2006 We wish you...
Charity Cup Christmas Cards (fundraiser for our Winter Mission Trip)
  January 11, 2006 AWAKENING the GIANT
Charity Cup:Where did it all start, how did we end up here, where are we going?I traced it back to one faithful man. One man and his family. A man who literally fed orphans through iron gates. A man who had little to offer but he offered it so
  January 11, 2006 Pay it Forward
Remember the movie 'Pay it Forward'? It's based on the basic notion of giving someone a chance. Blessing someone with what we've been blessed and watching the blessings multiply endlessly as each person blesses another person in return. That's it- it's