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  October 4, 2006 Official Press Release - Soccer Tournament
Charity CupContact: Daniel BoraCell Phone: (248)342-3244Email: daniel.bora@charitycup.comWeb Site: CHARITY TO RAISE MONEY FOR THIRD WORLD COUNTRYNon-Profit Organization Hosts Soccer TournamentDetroit, Michi
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  January 13, 2008 Daniel Zafiris - Romanian Version
In urma cu un deceniu, Daniel Zafiris, atacantul echipei Petrolul Ploiesti, spunea brusc adio fotbalului.
  December 31, 2007 Happy New Year
May God be with you and yours throughout this New Year!
  July 19, 2007 Virtual Moldova Update: Girls of God
Virtual Moldova Update: Girls of God
  July 13, 2007 From one side of the pond to the other
Responses from the call to prayer for the Moldova Mission
  July 11, 2007 why we pray. why i ask you to pray with me.
why we pray. why i ask you to pray with me.
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  October 17, 2015 Golf Tournament 2015
  April 1, 2015 Honduras Mission Trip: Our First Few Days
  March 1, 2015 Central America Missions
  April 30, 2014 El Salvador Trip Canceled
  March 11, 2014 Central America Missions Trip Registration Now Open!
Central America Missions Trip Registration Now Open!
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  February 1, 2007 Men of Valor Camp
An overview of the Men of Valor Camp.
  June 2, 2006 Pictures from 2006 Impact Theater - Chicago
Check out Pictures from 2006 Impact Theater - Chicago (copy and paste the link below into your browser)
  May 13, 2006 Impact Theatre - Live from Chicago
Greetings from Chicago!Blistery cold days here in the Windy City, a sharp contrast to the warmer parts of the West. One city lights up the night by lighting up the stage this weekend, while the other refreshes their locals with sun and Softball.It
  April 12, 2006 IT Drama Event
A hush falls over the audience as the magnificent royal blue curtain is pulled to the side. The lights dim, and the music begin to play out ever so softly, gaining momentum with each passing second. The beating of the drums can be heard in the background,
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  October 10, 2009 2009 Detroit Soccer Tournament Scores - LIVE
  October 10, 2009 2009 Detroit Soccer - Men 11 vs 11 Recap
  October 7, 2009 2009 Detroit Charity Cup Groups
  December 5, 2006 2006 Detroit Dodgeball Championship - Recap
Results from the Detroit Dodgeball Championship are now available
Mission Trips
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  July 7, 2010 Mission Tour 10 LIVE broadcast
For the first time, we will be broadcasting live from Moldova on Ustream. Check out times for each show.
  September 3, 2009 2010 Charity Cup National Soccer Tournament in Dallas
The stakes are higher this year... your win will count for more... The top 3 teams will advance to the National Tournament in 2010.
  August 1, 2009 Moldova Live - Spending a Day at VBS
A new generation of young people in Moldova are being empowered for change.
  July 31, 2009 Moldova Live - Changing Lives
A family from the Village of Ungheni receives not only temporary assistance, but hope to change the future.
  July 30, 2009 Moldova Live - A Girl Named Tamara
Sometimes the love of God is poured at through the most unexpected circumstances.
Girls of God
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  July 30, 2008 Update from Moldova 2
  July 21, 2006 Girls of God Camp Update
This update comes from ground zero, aka the Girls of God camp in Calarasi, Moldova. Updates are given, compliments of Ralu, one of the camp administrative leadership! We are doing great! Yesterday was a harder day..we started our actual day schedule,
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  January 11, 2006 Breaking the Spell of feeling 'Always Winter, Never Christmas' with the T&E Shoe Project
Each year when December rolls around the world prepares itself for change. With people, you can see it in their eyes-a far away look as if to say they're thinking of the future. You can see it on their faces-a silly grin and a look of excitement. You ca
Bridge of Hope
There are no Bridge of Hope news.
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  April 6, 2006 Tiny Tears...of Joy!
Remember that adorable little girl you met last week? The one that looks at you with pure eyes of love? God looks upon her with pure eyes of love, and continues to work miracles in her life.Three weeks ago, Valerica was taken to a hospital in Chisinau
  March 29, 2006 Tiny Tears
Many times life is filled with questions and circumstances we cannot understand or fathom. Sometimes people cry out to God and for a time it seems that all is in vain, that the pleas fall upon deaf years. Until the light shines through, that is. Somew
Church Planting
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  September 20, 2006 Tirnova - A Village in Moldova
Five years ago, Tirnova was known for being one of the most dangerous villages in Moldova. In fact, it was known for having the highest rate of drug trafficking of any village in its vicinity. However, since the beginning of time, God decided that He love
  July 26, 2006 Village Camp Update
This update camp from ground zero, aka the Village Camp which was held in Donduseni. The update is given by one of the camp participants, Alina.I praise the Lord for His love that He has showed us and how wonderful His plan worked. I am also very than
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  April 19, 2006 Upcoming East and West Coast Summits!
Are you ready? For a weekend full of fun? Of laughter? Of learning? Of bonding? Of friendships? Are you ready to be spiritually challenged to reach the mountaintops so that you can thrive when you are down in the valley? Then the West/East Coast Summit is