Jesus spoke to the masses in a way they could understand-through parables and stories. For us it is no different. We want to do the same, speaking with the language that the masses of all ages can understand. Impact Theatre, or IT, gives us the chance to reach an audience that responds best to what it understands-- images in motion coupled with light and sound used to bring illustrated messages to life.

IT takes the vision, talent, and creativity of teams from around the U.S. and brings teams of people together for dramatic competition, with the intent of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. IT is not only a fundraising event but an effective tool used to tell a story, the greatest story ever told-- that of the eternal King who loved humanity so much that He died in its place, rose again on the third day, conquering death forever on their behalf.

When the audience is seated, the lights are dimmed, the stage is set and the curtain draws, IT plays out beautifully occupying the soul with the dealings of eternity. There, in eternity, we shall engage in the most spectacular scene ever: the Resurrected King, as a bridegroom, reunited with His bride.

Spoken word is good in relating themes and ideas. Coupled with visual displays the spoken word becomes great. IT is about the good becoming great.