What would happen if everyone were of the same profession, if we were all teachers or plumbers or doctors?  Where would the electricians be? Where would the nurses be?  Thank God we have all been blessed with a unique and different gift! God did not just give us gifts; He gave us gifts that can be used to expand and edify His Kingdom.

Sometimes, it would seem, our talents are deeply hidden, like a treasure buried in a field. With all our daily toil, things to do and errands to run, it can be hard evaluating how to be of use to God. Getting away from noise, distraction and the hustle and bustle of everyday life is one of the best ways to uncover hidden talents usable for building the Kingdom.

That is where Charity Cup Conferences and Retreats come in. Retreats focus on getting people away to a place of peace and solitude and helping them to dig deep to discover their talents. Conferences help people to get plugged into enriching God’s Kingdom. Retreats and conferences allow people to get a glimpse of what Charity Cup is and does by presenting to attendants ongoing projects that occur locally and overseas. Workshops, speakers, and chapel sessions all work together to uncover gifts and talents while providing opportunity to meet people with the same passion for God and a chance to participate in fellowship and fun.

As members of the Church, the Body of Christ, we look to and strive for wholeness and harmony found in our Creator. Conferences and Retreats serve as a way for the individual members to better understand their roles and unite in His workings, in His perfect plan.