Have you ever been inside a cave when the lights have been turned off? The darkness is so complete that you can wiggle your fingers in front of your eyes and not see a thing. As exciting as it is to enjoy the experience for a few minutes, you eventually long for the lights to be turned on again so you can walk out. Now, imagine how dreadful and sickening it would be to live your whole life in a cave with no lights. This example pales in comparison to a city that lays in deep spiritual darkness with no church to shine the light of Jesus Christ, the Savior of this dark world.

As an organization, Charity Cup started down the path of Orphans ministry. Being mainly involved with children naturally led us to consider starting Vacation Bible School programs in villages where there was a big need for the Gospel to be presented. As we started planning for the following year's Mission Trip, we realized that if we eventually implement our plan and do a VBS camp, once we leave the mission field there would be no place for the new believers to gather for a church service and no one to guide and instruct them in following Christ. Thus, the idea of taking the light in a village and leaving a fire burning was born in our hearts and minds. God led us to understand that planting churches in villages is His will for our organization.

Part of our ministry is: "Taking a village by storm". We want to walk into a village with The Light and leave behind a community that shines for Jesus Christ. During our two week Mission Tours, we set up VBS, Medical and Dental Clinics, visit the disabled and bedridden, teach English and Computer lessons and hold Chapel services each night. As in Paul's examples in the book of Acts, when we leave the village, we would like to know that a new church has been established. In order to accomplish this we try to provide a way of communicating the Gospel to all ages and social groups so that all the people in that city have an opportunity to hear the truth and see the love of God demonstrated through our actions.