The purpose of the Medical Ministry is to provide basic humanitarian aid through the medical & dental clinics, foot spa and home visits for the sick or disabled.

The goal is to comfort the young and old, the sick, suffering, lonely, needy, those in despair and the lost by providing physical aid, emotional support & spiritual nourishment.

The future contains the launching of our mobile medical clinic, traveling through the rural countryside of Moldova providing medical aid right out of our vehicle!

Charity Cup is organizing Mission Tour 8 this summer in the Republic of Moldova. This mission will include the following projects: Orphans 360, Girls of God, Sports ministry for boys, Bridge of Hope and Operation Village under which the Medical Mission operates.

The purpose of the Medical Mission is to offer basic humanitarian aid thorugh the medical and dental clinic, a footwashing clinic, and house visits to those bedriddent and handicapped. Our purpose is to bring hope to sick, young and old alike, to those that suffering, alone, in need, those battling depression and those lost, thorough the physical, emotional and spiritual help we will provide.

Those whom we will serve can be divided in two categories; Those that can come to our medical clinic and those whom we will visit in their homes.

1. Those that come to our medical clinic will go throught the following steps:       

  • Welcoming : in this this first step the patient is greeted by a staff member and directed either toward the medical or the dental waiting rooms of the clinic depending on the his or her needs.  Because it takes a while to get to all the patients, this is our first chance to talk to these folks and show them Christ’s love.
  • Triage : The heartrate and blood pressure of the patient are taken in this next step and recorded along with the medical history of that patient on a personal file that is sent with them to the doctor they will be seeing that day . This is another great opportunity to not only listen to the physical but the spiritual burdens of each individual.
  • Medical consultation: We then evaluate the medical condition of each patient.under the supervision of a licenced doctor from the Republic of Moldova, along with other doctors and current medical students. After the medical consultation the doctor prescribes a list of medicine that the patient can take at no cost to them from our pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy :under the supervision of a pharmacist or med student each patients prescriptions are filled are given along with  detailed instructions on how and when to take them.
  • Foot washing clinic: after the medical consultation, should the patient need or want a pedicuare and a foot massage we provide this as well. It’s another opportunity to treat the patients with Christ;s love and provide an invaluable service to those that would take it.
  • Dental office : We provide basic dental care such as extractions and fillings that are much needed to those that come. The dental team is led by a local missionary dentist that forms a  relationships with each patient and can minister to them throughout the year.

    During all our these treatments we tell people of the hope that they must place firmly in God.Sometimes we pray with them right there and then if they are willing to open up about spiritual problems and are accepting of prayer…Its wonderful to be the tool of God in such moments!

    2. House visits.

    This team is usually formed of a medical doctor and two assitants that help with the footwashing. Usually those visited are very poor and needy and we take a pack of goods which include personal hygene items and groceries. The primary reason for these visits is to bring the hope of Christ into the homes  and lives of those we visit. We pray, sometimes sing, and always share the love of Christ with them through our deeds and words.

    If you feel compassion for these people that God lovels so dearly, if you feel you want to leave your comfort zone and serve God this summer with your medical and spiritual gifts in the Republic of Moldova, then we provide you with this opportunity. Come with us on Mission Tour 7