It was towards evening, and an excruciatingly long day was drawing to a close at the Orphanage Camp. The camp leaders were breathing a bit easier. Chaotic voices and shouts were dimming down to soft whispers as the little children grudgingly headed toward their cabin for the night.  But before the night was done, a soft knock came at one of the cabin doors. It was little Oxana.  She asked if she could please see one of her leaders.  When asked why she was not in bed, she simply wanted to ask if someone could take a walk with her.  Glances were exchanged, and within a few moments, night chores were set aside, fatigue forgotten, and one leader stepped out for a short walk.  What is it that little Oxana needed or wanted?  Time.  Personalized attention and love is a commodity and occurs rarely, if ever, in the lives of these little orphans.

The Orphanage Project desires to bring love to the embittered and forgotten hearts of orphans and to empower each child with the knowledge that a Heavenly Father loves them. Our vision is to see each child equipped to take this love into their lives and to become integral members of their communities.  This is accomplished through various channels. 

One of them is our yearly Orphans Camp, where children from various orphanages in Moldova are brought to a ten-day Summer Camp.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared through thematic lessons, skits, and daily chapel services bringing God to the understanding of a little child. Clothing, shoes, and basic necessities for each child are also provided. And what the children distinctly remember is that they are nurtured and loved by committed leaders that come and offer their time.

Another channel of love is the extension of the Orphans program, a program we call Timothy and Esther (You can read about this under "Timothy and Esther" page). We take a few children out of the orphanage and provide a family atmosphere for them.