The book of Proverbs shares a beautiful picture with us in Chapter 31 of a woman that understands her call and her role in the world in which the Lord has placed her.  While reading it, we are enthralled, desiring to become the person described in the verses.  The world, on the other hand, shares another picture with us of what is “beautiful,” and sadly, the battle rages on in the hearts and minds of young girls everywhere. 

The love and passion that keeps us standing for all that is true, pure, and right leads us to create a way for girls to hear truth. This love will build life-lasting relationships with the girls we serve, who will in turn, be open to guidance and mentoring.  As we mentor young girls, our desire is to empower them to understand and claim their identity in Jesus Christ. Once empowered, they get equipped with the tools needed to become a Proverbs 31 woman. These girls grow into Godly women to forever affect their world.

Girls of God groups have been established in over six U.S. states, Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The groups gather for bible studies, in-depth discussions, prayer, worship and fellowship. Girls are offered opportunities to create strong relationships, go deep in the Word of God, be mentored by other mature women in the church and in time, be empowered, equipped and ready to return the love they were given and the wisdom they have gained. Retreats and Summer Camps also allow for girls from different communities to gather together to worship in spirit and truth.

As Girls of God unites forces with young women from around the world, the desire to do the utmost to follow Christ's example of reaching the lost, the hurting, and the confused is coupled with the strength to do so. For the Samaritan, it was a wounded man on the side of the road.  For a Girl of God, it is the young girl in need of love, acceptance, and identity.  One young heart at a time, our prayer is for God to grant us the grace to follow Him in this most beautiful calling.