So that all nations might believe.

2009 Missions:
 March 21 - March 29  Honduras 
 May 1 - 3   Mexico Outreach 
 July 19 - August 3  Moldova

If you want to learn to do something, you don’t just read books on the “How-To” of that particular thing or on how certain people did it. You have to actually do it! You can only read so many books on swimming until you realize that unless you hit the water and start stroking, you will never learn how to swim, nor will you enjoy or fulfill the whole experience of swimming.

Mission work is just like that. Reading about missions, hearing testimonies of those that just came from the mission field, or studying great missionaries of the past is a good thing. But it’s an incomplete missions experience. Until you actually get up and go yourself, you will never experience the joys of serving on the mission field. Nor will you fulfill the commandment to “go into all the world”. Allowing God to work in and through you while you throw yourself ‘in the water’ of this world is one of the greatest feelings and accomplishments. At first, your strokes seem futile and awkward, but with God as your swimming coach you will not drown but actually learn to enjoy the whole experience of it, though it is not guaranteed to be an easy one. No one comes back from a missionary trip, however difficult it may have been, and complain that it was not worth the financial, emotional, physical and spiritual effort that was required of them.

Our organization is called to be the springboard for those that would ‘jump in the water’. We take people on short mission trips to Romania, Republic of Moldova and Honduras. Because of past visits to these countries and the relationships we have built with their people, we can offer the necessary information and support to those that have never gone on missionary trips before.

Take the opportunity and go where people of various backgrounds put their God-given gifts to good use while serving the most needy in these countries.