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Contacts in Moldova MT7 (scroll down for all projects)
  When calling from US from Romania from Moldova
JOHN DOBREA (VILLAGE) 011-373-681-198-62 00-373-681-198-62 0681-198-62
DAVE MISZTI (VILLAGE) 011-373-681-198-63 00-373-681-198-63 0681-198-63
LAVI DOBREA(VILLAGE) 011-373-681-198-64 00-373-681-198-64 0681-198-64
MIRCEA DANCIU (VILLAGE) 011-373-681-198-67 00-373-681-198-67 0681-198-67
RALUCA FARCAS (GOG) 011-373-681-198-91 00-373-681-198-91 0681-198-91
VALI LUNGU 011-373-694-173-67 00-373-694-173-67 0694-173-67
DANA DICU (Bridge of Hope) 011-373-681-198-92 00-373-681-198-92 0681-198-92
LENA POPA (Bridge of Hope) 011-373-691-412-98 00-373-691-412-98 0691-412-98
LIUDA POPA (Bridge of Hope) 011-373-697-563-97 00-373-697-563-97 0697-563-97
MIKE BARAC (Orphans360) 011-373-695-499-34 00-373-695-499-34 0695-499-34
ANNA NEDELCU (Orphans360) 011-373-697-502-81 00-373-697-502-81 0697-502-81
FELICIA IUGA (Orphans360) 011-373-681-401-65 00-373-681-401-65 0681-401-65
FILU BANU 011-373-690-569-83 00-373-690-569-83 0690-569-83
CATALIN IUGA 011-373-681-198-69 00-373-681-198-69 0681-198-69
ADI AMBROSIE 011-373-696-327-97 00-373-696-327-97 0696-327-97
He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." (Mark 16:15)
So that all nations might believe...
Mission Tour 7 (Traducerea in Romaneste)
Date: July 12- July 26, 2007
Location: Republic of Moldova (Chisinau, Tarnova, Donduseni and Condrita)
Cost: $500 for US and Western Europe participants and $50 for Romania participants
We believe that each Participant should be recommended and supported by their local church. This Pastoral Letter of Recommendation provides your Pastor’s valuable recommendation, and it allows us to become more familiar with you for more suited project placement. Please print it, pass it on to your Pastor/Bible Study Leader and have them send it directly to us (contact information at the bottom of the letter). If you have any questions, feel free to write to
Operation Village:
o         To communicate the Gospel to all ages and social groups, using various tools such as Vacation Bible School, English classes, Computer classes, house visits, medical and dental clinics and sports in an effort to become all things to all people in hope that we might win them for Christ.
Girls of God:
o         To communicate the Word of God and tackle girls' issues in a small-group atmosphere, encouraging young women to grow in a mature relationship with Christ and others in His family.
Sports Ministry:
o         To impact a group of boys using the tool of soccer, providing opportunities for each person present to receive and know Christ on a personal level, encouraging them to fight the good fight and connect with the body of Christ through a local church.
Bridge of Hope:
o         To minister to the deaf of Moldova in a tangible way. This camp is an offshoot of a weekly program that will run year-round in the Chisinau church and will be designed specifically to disciple those who have special needs, bringing them to saving faith in Christ.
Orphans 360:
o         To disciple and serve orphaned kids, modeling for them a lifestyle worthy of following
o         To minister to a group of kids, by being a counselor, a leader, and friend.
o         To introduce the fatherless to our Heavenly Father and integrating them into the family of God
o         To raise funds and awareness for Care packs, which will then be used as a ministry tool in Moldova
Registration is closed.

Prayer is active.
11-Jul-07 Wednesday
6:00 PM - Arrival of Project Leaders at Condrita
12-Jul-07 Thursday (arrive in Iasi in the morning or Bucuresti no later then 1pm)
12:00 PM - Iasi Bus leaves to Condrita from McDonalds near the train station
3:00 PM - Bucuresti Bus leaves Otopeni Airport
6:00 PM - Arrival of Iasi Bus / beginning of Registration / Room Assignments
4:00 AM (next day) – Arrival of Bucuresti / Complete Registration
13-Jul-07 Friday
All Day Training and Preparation at Condrita
14-Jul-07 Saturday
7:30 AM - All Teams Departing for Projects
15-Jul-07 Sunday
All Day - Training and Preparation at the Projects
16-Jul-07 Monday
All Day - First Day of Project
24-Jul-07 Tuesday
All Day - Last Day of Projects, all campers leave and activities stop in the evening
25-Jul-07 Wednesday
8:00 AM - Evaluation done at Projects until 12:00 PM
12:00 PM -  All Teams leaving Projects and returning to Condrita
8:00 PM - Condrita Chapel
26-Jul-07 Thursday
9:00 AM - Condrita Last Chapel
12:00 PM - Iasi Bus Leaves
5:00 PM – Bucuresti Bus Leaves
6:00 AM (next day) – Arrival at Otopeni Airport



Transportation from Romania to Moldova:
From Iasi: the bus leaves the McDonalds by the train station at 12:00 PM - please arrive in the morning (at least one hour before) to load your luggage and get a seat – the bus will leave at 12:00 pm sharp.
From Bucuresti: the bus leaves Otopeni Airport at 3:00 PM - please make sure your flight arrival into Otopeni is no later than 1:00 pm (this will allow time for any flight delays and going through Airport Customs) - the bus will leave at 3:00 pm sharp.  
Transportation from Moldova back to Romania:
To Iasi: the bus leaves Condrita at 12:00 PM  
To Bucuresti: the bus leaves Condrita at 5:00 PM and arrives the next day at 6:00 AM (please make sure to book your departure time late enough in the morning to allow time for delays and going through customs).
What to Coming Soon.

Responses in the call to prayer for the team from around the world

and the day-to-day experiences of Ada Boitor, Virtual Moldova Correspondent,

are in the News section. Check it out.

Projects in which the team is currently serving:

1. Operation Village: 100 spots (30 for Medical)
2. Girls of God: 30 spots (for ladies)
3. Soccer: 20 spots (for guys)
4. Bridge of Hope (ministry for the Deaf): 20 spots
5. Orphans 360: 35 spots

Pre-Mission Materials:

Church Presentation Material

Medical Team (Romanian language version) Doc.

Medical Team (English language version) Doc.