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One city, six projects, all for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom.
 July 22nd - 29th
Registration Fee:

U.S. Volunteers: $500
Romanian Volunteers: 400 RON
Moldovian Volunteers: 200 lei

 (Can't afford the registration fee? Contact us.)
Deadline to Register and Pay: July 15

Projects: Children's Ministry, Soccer Project, Medical/Dental Clinic, Home Visits, Girls of God Project
Arrival: July 21st in Iasi, Romania by 12:00
We will depart from Iasi to Orhei Moldova

Orientation day: July 22nd 

Ministry: July 23-July 29 serving in Orhei

Departure day: July 30th
We are called for such a time as this. Join us as we become the hands and feet in the city of Orhei. Our main vision is to support the church by igniting a passion for serving, equipping, and creating opportunities for the Glory of God. Our mission is for the Church by: awakening the giant, connecting communities, delivering relevant communication, worshiping in spirit and in truth, and investing in people by teaching, training, and mentoring. We will serve the city through medical,dental, home visits, girls of God, soccer, and children's projects. Join us as we minister to the people of Orhei by bringing them Hope and a glimpse of Gods love.
Arrival: July 21st We will meet in Iasi at the McDonald's by the train station at 12:00 pm. Please make sure to be there no later than 12:00. If you are not able to be there by 12:00 please contact the registration team. We will cross the boarder into Moldova and go to Orhei together.

 Departure: We will depart from Orhei back to Iasi, Romania July 30th. If you need to leave early please let registration know.

Lodging: All lodging accommodations will be provided for. We will be staying at 2 different locations.
Due to limited space please pack light. A list of suggested items will be sent out to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact 248.602.3982